Monday, November 1, 2010

Cheap air conditioning

Aighto readers, for those of you moving out of home and getting turned down by landlords with apartments with air conditioning left and right because they don't accept those hipster jeans, homo haircuts or starry green leafed plants here's your solution

Step 1: Lower your standards
           I thought this was pretty simple, if you're a guy this should be hell-a-easy because shit, you're already             packed for a roach infested place and your computers fan is going to keep you warm on those cold            nights. But what about the heat and for women?
           Women not so easy so my suggestion, "just get over it"
           For the heat, see Step 2
Step 2: Trust in the picture

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alrighty, first things first. When you tie your shoes, do you even consider you could be the coolest kid in school had you simply taken 2-3 minutes to use a killer design? no? well shit son see below
Just follow the simple yellow and red directions and bitches will be swarming.

Don't fret people it'll be updated regularly anytime I get me some new interesting info I'll post it, one love